Youth Council

Leaders of Tomorrow   

   This spring semester, young activist will hit the streets working to make Mesa Blue 2020. Whether experienced change makers or newly excited students, the Mesa Democratic Party is ready to train the next round of leaders by giving you the skills needed.

This Internship program will include workshops facilitated monthly on how to use Story of Self and other activist tools to be a good organizer and leader overall. Additionally, it will act as a Youth Council by just giving the board of the Mesa Party and possibly the state Party fresh input from young minds. 

Applicants will phone bank, canvass, and organize field programs and have a strong part in making LD25 and CD5 Blue in 2020. Workshops will develop young leaders on political organization and leadership, along with roles within the party to help plan and execute events and outreach. Members will have a clear role in decision making and learn essential skills in activism, helping launch our future generation into the world making change! Apply here

Workshops will cover:


Story of Self

A good story has the power to change the world. The public narrative methodology trains organizers, activists, and community leaders to share their personal stories more effectively, in order to build a sense of community around shared values and experiences, and ultimately to move large numbers of people to action on an issue or cause.

Public narrative is a practice of leadership; it’s the why of organizing — the art of translating values into action through stories.


Organizing 101

People are the power of change. Skillfully using every person within a movement, organization, or campaign is essential to making noticeable benchmarks and unifying everyone under an issue. Going from anger to action is a difficult, yet prime, step in change making. To hone these skills, acceptees will take part in organizing their own change through fundraisers, voter reach out (canvasses and phone banks), and other events. Members will also consult with the Executive Board as an official Advisory Committee. 



 Leadership is inspiring others to take the next step, to go from anger to action, and to delegate tasks, empower others, and train the next round of leaders. This program will emphasize strategies to amplify youth voice, recruit volunteers, and inspire others to take action.


Members are expected to commit 3-6 hours a week along with occasional conference calls and monthly meetings. Members must be over the age of 16 and under 20, and be enrolled in an educational institution (school).

If you have any questions call/text Jordan Harb

Applications are due January 25th, 2018


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