Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebrations (Virtual)

East Valley MLK Jr. Parade

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebrations

Local MLK Day celebrations will look different this year, but will continue. The City of Mesa is commemorating MLK Day in multiple virtual ways.

Along with other cities, The City of Mesa is participating in a multi-part of a mini-documentary based on the iconic "I Have A Dream" speech. It will air on PBS-TV during the 5pm Horizon program.

Also, the City of Mesa hosts the 23rd Annual Virtual Parade, with entries from the community. It will appear on social media and the City of Mesa website. Viewing will be available by Monday, January 18th.

Through February, the City of Mesa will host a social media campaign to highlight Black History Month.

More details: https://www.mesaaz.gov/things-to-do/martin-luther-king-jr-parade

January 18, 2021 at 12:00am - January 19, 2021