Safe Schools and Streets

We don’t want your guns, but we all want safe schools and streets. Does guns and assault weapons in the hands of unstable, violent individuals, bent on taken their stress out on society at the point of a gun makes us less safe. We can enhance our public safety by sensible gun safety measures.

            Other civilized countries have fewer mass shootings and guns because they have sensible gun laws. Four countries have reduced gun homicides we can learn from United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. Britain reduced shootings by banning assault weapons and pump-action weapons, required all shotgun owners to register them. There have been no mass shootings in Australia for 20 years. They buyback guns and melt them down. They also register their guns and owners must need to own guns. Japan has a no tolerance policy on guns. Germany requires anyone under 25 who applies for a firearms license must have a psychiatric evaluation with a trained counselor.

            We don’t have to tolerate daily mass shootings of students and citizens. Yes, we can make our schools and streets safer. We must consider expanding background checks to gun show and private sales. A better solution may be a requirement that gun owners required to get a firearms license, we need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. We the appropriate laws we can all sleep easier at night.