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A true American.

MLK Day Parade in Mesa

Trump disrespects Veterans


 hope EVERY SINGLE PERSON currently serving in the military, the reserves, etc; EVERY vet; EVERYONE who has lost someone in warfare and/or as a POW/MIA, or to PTSD; or ANY American who understands the complex reasons, agree or not, why people serve in the military, sees this post and is appropriately outraged by Trump's unmitigated arrogance. And, damned those who still have the gall to vote for him. Please share.

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GOP line on Education



LD 25 MCDP DEMS shared your post.
Published by Jay Gittrich · 2 hrs · 
Linda Valdez: No governor, the do-gooders didn't cause the recession


Save our Public Lands


Stop the Bundy Militia and condemn threats against the men and women who work to safeguard our parks and public lands. SIGN PETITION:

The men and women who manage our parks and public lands have been the targets of widespread intimidation, threats, and assaults. Sign the petition to stop the threats:


Elect Ann Kirkpatrick US Senator


Don’t miss my interview with azcentral about how we’re fighting to give all Arizonans a real choice in this election.

U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, this year's likely Democratic nominee for Arizona's U.S. Senate seat, on Thursday foreshadowed her coming campaign against incumbent…


Education Facts by Kathleen Rahn


Hello LD 25 Executive Board;

I thought you would like to see this copy of the Children's Action Alliance Fact Sheet for LD 25.  This gives a lot of information about children in our district.  Although we are known for our retirement population, we have a lot of children!

Here is the link in case you want to share with our members:

Kathleen R

Schedule for Canvassing for Pat Gilbert for Mesa City Council


This is the schedule for canvassing in City of Mesa Council District 1 in support of Pat Gilbert

Good morning,
I've got walking scheduled with folks I know in the Dist 1 neighborhoods so I don't need any door to door, although I greatly appreciate the offer.  And, unfortunately, I'm out of town on the 20th.  Paul might have other ideas as a creative and experienced campaign advisor.  Thanks much, pg

On Thu, Jan 14, 2016 at 8:04 PM, Martha McCoy <> wrote:
Just after I sent the email, I realized that I was looking at the wrong calendar page.
Here are the dates that I recommend for LD 25 Dems door to door canvass:
Saturday Feb 6th 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Saturday Feb 13  9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Saturday Feb 27  9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Other times can be scheduled if the times I have suggested are not availble for you.
Please mark your calendar as a "must attend" event for Sat Feb 20th in the afternoon for LD 25 Dems BBQ with former NFL Football players at Esconbedo Park. Details will announced at a later date. 



Arpaio must go

Arpaio Must Go

For far too long, the people of Maricopa County have paid the price for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's arrogance and abuses of power.

He's cost us hundreds of millions of dollars as taxpayers, and he's painted our county with a reputation of intolerance, bigotry, and overt racism. Residents of minority communities – most of whom are U.S citizens – have lived in fear of his agency for years.

Arpaio's antics, formerly seen as entertaining by much of the national media, are now seen for what they truly are: the actions of a vindictive, mean-spirited, petty man.

Nothing shows this more than the shocking admission, by Arpaio himself under oath on the witness stand, that he hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on the wife of the very federal judge who has found Arpaio in contempt of a federal court order.

In addition to civil contempt of court, will we now see Arpaio facing criminal intimidation and obstruction of justice charges?

Enough. The people of Maricopa County have endured far more than we deserve.

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo says, "Sheriff Arpaio has a long history of using specious investigations to intimidate his political enemies – including elected officials, journalists and judges – and it has cost the taxpayers millions. So in that sense it’s not surprising. But the Sheriff has really bitten off more than he can chew doing this with a federal judge. He is in very real danger not only of losing his job but his freedom. At the very least he should resign and stop embarrassing his department and the taxpayers who have had to pay for all of this malfeasance."

Unfortunately, our experience shows that Arpaio will not likely go anywhere until we force him to go.

This is why we need to stand strong and united, determined to defeat Arpaio. We continue to speak up and work against his outrageous conduct, and we prepare ourselves to run the strongest candidate and campaign possible to send him into permanent retirement.

Please stand with us now and do what you can to help – we can't lose this chance to rid our community of Arpaio.

Yours in the fight,
Jon Ryder
Executive Director
Maricopa County Democratic Party

Remembering and Honoring Gov. Raul Castro


Former Gov. Raul Castro, Arizona's only governor of Latino heritage, has passed away at the age of 98. 

Gov. Castro was born in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico and immigrated with his family to Arizona when he was 10 years old. 

Overcoming the challenges of poverty and discrimination while growing up, Gov. Castro leaves an example of dignity and selfless service to our state and country. 

Gov. Castro was elected Pima County Attorney and subsequently a Superior Court judge. He served as ambassador to El Salvador, Bolivia, and Argentina. 

Closest to the hearts of his fellow Arizonans, he was elected our 14th governor in 1974. 

Today, we mourn his passing as we remember his legacy of service and accomplishment. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. 

With deepest respect, 

Kelli Butler
Chair, Maricopa County Democratic Party

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