LD25 Website Focus Group

Has it been a while since you've explored the LD25 Dems website, ld25dems.org? It’s alive and getting better all the time. And now, we seek YOUR input. Have ideas to enhance it further? Bring ‘em on!

Join webmaster/librarian Sandy Rizzo, LD25 Board Members, and fellow LD25 members/friends for a website focus group. We’ll tour the exciting, recently added, helpful resources, and field YOUR ideas to enhance the site (and we have a few of our own where we seek your content). Let’s make our site not only a great place to recruit new members, but to serve as a reliable, ongoing, active, and frequently-updated resource you’ll visit time and time again as we create change in our community!

Second time event is held - if you attended on Feb. 16th, you don't need to attend on Feb. 25th:

Thursday, Feb 25 @ 8:30AM 

Register here.



February 25, 2021 at 8:30am - 9:30am