Gov 101 & Info Literacy

"Saving the world requires saving democracy. That requires well-informed citizens. Conservation, environment, poverty, community, education, family, health, economy- these combine to make one quest: liberty and justice for all. Whether one's special emphasis is global warming or child welfare, the cause is the same cause. And justice comes from the same place being human comes from: compassion."  Carl Safina, ecologist

Does government confuse you? It can be complicated. Help's on the way - on these pages, in fact!

Become a more informed voter and a citizen who makes this world better by exploring these pages. We hope they'll help you navigate our many levels of government, and understand and fact-check information itself!

What's an LD:  Find out what a Legislative District is and who represents us in government.

What's a Precinct: We all live in precincts. Learn what they are, what a Precinct Committeeperson is and does, and how you can become one.

Our Government: Learn about how our levels of government are organized, link to government websites, and find links to facilitate how you can stay informed and get involved.

Information Literacy: Use these resources to become a more savvy consumer of information - because truth matters!

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