CANDIDATES 2018 (as of 2/13/18)
From Desert Progressives Indivisible
Modified by Jay Gittrich

(D) Sen. Steve Farley,
(D) David Garcia,
(D) Robert Weber,
(D) Kelly Fryer,
(R) Gov. Doug Ducey, Incumbent
(I) Noah Dyer,‎
(I) Leonard Clark,
(I) Zachary “Joseph” Villa,
(I) Mirza “Fareed” Baig,
(L) Barry Hess,
(L) Jeff Thomas Funicello,
(L) Merissa Hamilton,
(L) Kevin McCormick,

(D) Sen. Katie Hobbs,
(D) Mark Robert Gordon,
(R) Michelle Reagan, Incumbent,
(R) Sen. Steve Montenegro, Senate LD 13,

(D) January Contreras,
(R) Mark Brnovich, Incumbent Attorney general,
(L) Michael Kielsky, Perennial Candidate ,

(D) Mark Manoil,
(D) Mark Cardenas
(R) Jeff Dewitt Incumbent. Potential First announced he would not run…but he may run.
(R) Thomas Forese, Corporation Commissioner running for Treasurer.

(D) Kathy Hoffman,
(D) David Schapira,
(I) Stacie Banks,
(G) Stuart Starky
(R) Tracy Livingston, MCCCD Governing Board Member
(R) Frank Riggs, Candidate for AZ Gov.,2014. Former Calif. Senator
(R) Potential: Diane Douglas, Incumbent
(R) Robert Branch,
(R) Johnathon Gelbert,
(I) Stacie Gladden Banks, Former Educator

US SENATE AZ (McCain’s in office until 2022)
(D) Deedra Abboud,
(D) Kyrsten Sinema,
(D) D Christopher “Chris” Russell,
(D) Robert Sherzan, retired administrative law judge, former Iowa State Rep and candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2016
(D) Bob Bishop,
(D) Sheila Bilyeu,
(D) Cheryl “CHE” Fowler,
(I) T Cash,
(I) Robert Short,
(R) Kelli Ward, Former Senator, Physician, Tea Party Activist & '16 Candidate
(R) Potential: Jeff DeWit, State Treasurer, Businessman & Trump Campaign National CFO
(R) Potential: Robert Graham, State GOP Chair & Businessman
(R) Nicholas Tutora, Pharmacist & Trump Campaign Activist
(L) Doug Marks, Application Developer, Army Veteran & Ex-Town Board Member in IL

All of Arizona’s 9 seats in the US House will be up for election in 2018
CD 1
(D) Rep. Tom O’halleran, Incumbent,
This is 1 of 36 Dem held districts targeted by Rs in 2018)
(R) Kevin Cavanaugh, Former Pinal County Sheriff Candidate filed to run as a Republican
(R) Steve Smith, State Senator, Marketing Exec, former State Rep

(R) Shawn Redd Businessman & '16 Candidate
(G) Ray Parrish, 2016 candidate running (Green Party)

CD 2
(D) Ann Kirkpatrick,
(D) Dr Matt Heinze,
(D) Mary Matallia,
(D) Dr. William Abbott Foster, Expert on US-China relations. Professor at U of A (No Website)
(D) William(Billy) Kovacs,
(D) Charlie Verdan,
(D) Jeff Latas,
(D) Bruce Wheeler,
(D) Joshua Polacheck, Ex US Foreign Service Officer (No Website)
(D) Lou Jordan, Retired USAF Colonel (No Website)
(R) Rep. Martha McSally, Incumbent. Defeated Matt Heinz in 2026 general election by 54-46%.
This is one of 59 R held House Districts targeted by the Dems in 2018.
(I) Will Foster, Adjunct College Prof, Businessman

CD 3
(D) Rep. Raul Grijalva, Incumbent.
(R) Edna San Miguel, Substitute Teacher and 2016 Candidate
(R) Bill Abatecola, Businessman
(I)Jaime Vasquez, Ironworks Contractor, Ex-Republican & '12 Candidate

CD 4
(D) Ana Marie Perez, Facebook Page: Ana Maria Perez For Congress
(D) David Brill,
(R) Rep. Paul Gosar, Incumbent. He was elected to a 4th term with 71.4% of the vote.

CD 5
(D) Joan Greene,
(D) Jose Torres,
(D) Lisa Chapelle,
(D) Scott Menor,
(R) Rep. Andy Biggs, Incumbent. He narrowly defeated Christine Jones in Primary. Won the
General with 64% of the vote.

CD 6
(D) Garrick McFadden,
(D) Heather Ross,
(D) Anita Malik,
(D) W. John Williamson,
(D) Yashira Frederick,
(D) Gustavo Ortega,

(I) Darrel Held,
(R) Rep. David Schweikert, Incumbent. Re-elected to 3rd Term with 62.23% of the vote.

CD 7
(D) Rep. Ruben Gallego, Incumbent.
(D) Catherine Miranda,

CD 8
(D) Hiral Tipireni,
(D) Brianna Westbrook,
(D) Bob Musselwhite,
(D) Bob Olsen,
(D) Robert Kye Schuster,
(D) Susana Orozco,
(R) Bob Stump,
(R) Steve Montenegro, Former Sen District 13,
(R) Chris Sylvester,
(R) David Lien,
(R) Clair Van Steenwick,
(I) Augie Beyer, Store Manager & Ex-Tonawanda (NY) School Board Member,

CD 9
(D) Greg Stanton,
(D) Talia Fuentes,
(D) Chad Campbell,
(D) Pamela Powers Hannley,
(R) Steve Ferrara, Physician, Med School Prof, Retired Navy Captain
(R) David Giles, 2016 Nominee, Bus. Consultant, Engineer
(R) Irina Baroness von Behr, 2016 Tempe City Council Candidate. Community Activist
(R) Debbie Lesko,
(I) Kiko Rex , Progressive Activist

These are directly elected statewide and serve staggered 4 year terms. The Commission has 5 members. As of January, 2017, the Commissioners are:
Andy Tobin Thomas Forese Doug Little Boyd Dunn Bob Burns
2 of the seats on the Commission are up for election.
(D) Kiana Maria Sears,
(D) Jake Bell,
(D) Tom Chabin,
(D) William “Bill” Mundell,
(D) Sandra Kennedy,
(D) Jonathan Maranville,
(I) Stephanie “Steph” Bradley
(R) Doug Little is eligible to run for re-election.
(R)Thomas Forese, will run for State Treasurer, leaving 1 seat open.

(D) Bill Pierce,
(R) Joe Hart, Incumbent. Eligible for 4th Term

LD 1
(D) Jo Craycraft
(R) Karen Fann, Incumbent

LD 2
(D) Andrea Dalessandro, Incumbent,

LD 3
(D) Olivia Cajero Bedford, Incumbent.

LD 4
(D) Lisa Otondo, Incumbent,
(D) David Brill,

LD 5
(R) Sonny Borrelli, Incumbent

LD 6
(D) Joel Haynie
(D) Wade Carlisle
(R) Sylvia Allen, Incumbent

LD 7
(D) Jamescita Peshlakai, Incumbent,

LD 8
(D) Sharon Girard
(R) Frank Pratt, Incumbent

LD 9
(D) Victoria Steele,

LD 10
(D) David Bradley, Incumbent,

LD 11
(D) Ralph Atchue
(R) Steve Smith, Incumbent
LD 12
(D) Joe Bisaccia,
(I) Rebecca Olsen McHood,
(R) Warren Peterson, Incumbent

LD 13
(D) Michelle Harris,
(R) Steve Montenegro, Incumbent

LD 14
(D) Mendy Gomez
(R) Gail Griffin, Incumbent

LD 15
(D) Tonya MacBeth (not filed)
(R) Nancy Barto, Incumbent
(R) Heather Carter, former House Representative for LD 15

LD 16
(D) Brian Eisman
(R) David Farnsworth

LD 17
(D) Steve Weigert
(R) Steve Yarborough, Incumbent (TERMED OUT)

LD 18
(D) Sean Bowie, Incumbent,
(D) LaDawn Stuben, no Website
(R) Frank Schmuck

LD 19
(D) Lupe Contreras, Incumbent,

LD 20
(D) Douglas Ervin,
(D) Larry Herrera,
(R) Kimberly Yee, Incumbent

LD 21
(R) Debbie Lesko, Incumbent
(I) Kathy Knecht, Peoria School Board Member,

LD 22
(D) Wendy Garcia,
(R) David Livingston
LD 23
(D) Daria Lohman,
(R) John Cavanaugh, Incumbent

LD 24
(D) Lela Alston. Incumbent,
(D) Nate Whitten,
LD 25
(D) Dr. Kathy Mohr-Almeida, Counselor, Ph.d. (No Candidate Website)

(R) Bob Worsley, Incumbent

LD 26
(D) Juan Mendez, Incumbent,

LD 27
(D) Catherine Miranda, Incumbent,

LD 28
(D) Christine Marsh,
(R) Kate Brophy-McGee, Incumbent

LD 29
(D) Martin Quezada, Incumbent,

LD 30
(D) Robert Meza, Incumbent,
(D) Tony Navarrette, Incumbent,
(D) Redeem Robinson,

LD 1
(D) Jan Manolis
(D) Ed Gogek

(R) Noel Campbell, Incumbent
(R) David Stringer, Incumbent

LD 2
(D) Rosanna Gabaldon, Incumbent,
(D) Daniel Hernandez, Incumbent,

LD 3
(D) Sally Ann Gonzales, Incumbent
(D) Macario Saldate, Incumbent

LD 4
(D) Charlene Fernandez, Incumbent
(D) Jesus Rubalcava, Incumbent RESIGNED someone will be appointed

LD 5
(D) Monica Timberlake,
(R) Regina Cobb, Incumbent
(R) Paul Mosley, Incumbent

LD 6
(D) Felicia French,
(R) Brenda Barton, Incumbent
(R) Bob Thorpe, Incumbent

LD 7
(D) Wenona Benally, Incumbent
(D) Eric Descheeniem Incumbent

LD 8
(D) Carmen Casillas
(D) Julie Brown
(R) David Cook, Incumbent
(R) Thomas Shope, Incumbent,

LD 9
(D) Randall Friese, Incumbent,
(D) Pamela Bowers Hannley, Incumbent,

LD 10
(D) Kirsten Engel, Incumbent, Environmental attorney,
(D) Domingo DeGrazia, Trial Attorney/Juvenile Court,
(D) Nikki Lee,
(R) Todd Clodfelter, Incumbent,

LD 11
(D) Holly Lyon
(R) Mark Finchem, Incumbent
(R) Vince Leach, Incumbent

LD 12
(D) Joe Bisaccia, Law School Candidate, Cronkite ASU Grad, Former journalist and Author.
(R) Eddie Farnsworth, Incumbent
(R) Travis Grantham, Incumbent

LD 13
(R) Darin Mitchell, Incumbent
(R) Don Shooter, Incumbent

LD 14
(R) Drew John, Incumbent
(R) Becky Nutt, Incumbent

LD 15
(D) Brandon Dwyer
(D) Sam Garcia
(R) John Allen, Incumbent
(R) Heather Carter, Incumbent

LD 16
(D) Sharon Stinard
(R) Douglas Coleman, Incumbent
(R) Kelly Townsend, Incumbent

LD 17
(D) Dean Amling,
(D) Jennifer Pawlik
(R) J D Mesnard, Incumbent
(R) Jeff Weninger, Incumbent

LD 18
(D) Mitzi Epstein, Incumbent
(D) Jennifer Jermaine,
(R) Jill Norgaard, Incumbent

LD 19
(D) Mark Cardenas, Incumbent
(D) Diego Espinoza, Incumbent

LD 20
(D) Chris Gilfillan,
(D) Patrick Church,
(R) Paul Boyer, Incumbent
(R) Anthony Kern, Incumbent

LD 21
(D) Bradley Hughes,
(R) Kevin Payne, Incumbent
(R) Tony (Jose) Rivero, Incumbent
(R) Christopher Rippey,
(R) RIchard Gray,

LD 22
(D) Teri Samiento, School Board member and Chair of LaPaz Dems, Realtor
(D) Valerie Harris,
(R) David Livingston, Incumbent
(R) Ben Toma, Incumbent
(R) Matthew Bullock,
(R) Frank Carroll,
(R) Miryam Gutier-Elm,

LD 23
(D) Eric Kurland,
(R) Jay Lawrence, Incumbent
(R) Michelle Ugenti-Rita, Incumbent
(R) John Kavanagh,
(I) Gavan Searles,

LD 24
(D) Ken Clark, Incumbent
(D) Amish Shah, MD
(D) Jennifer Logdon,
(D) Marcus Ferrell,

LD 25
(D) Johnny Martin,
(R) Russell Bowers, Incumbent
(R) Michelle Udall, Incumbent

LD 26
(D) Isela Blanc, Incumbent
(D) Athena Salman, Incumbent

LD 27
(D) Reginald Bolding, Incumbent
(D) Rebecca Rios, Incumbent

LD 28
(D) Kelli Butler, Incumbent
(R) Maria Syms, Incumbent
(R) Alberto Gutier,

LD 29
(D) Richard Andrade, Incumbent
(D) Cesar Chavez, Incumbent
(R) John Wilson

LD 30
(D) Ray Martinez, Incumbent
(D) John Larkin,
(D) Richard Andrade,
(D) Raquel Teran,
(R) Gary Leon Cox,
(R) Darin Mitchell,

Phoenix City Mayor
(D) Daniel Valenzuela, Glendale firefighter and has served on the Phoenix City Council since 2012.

Pertinent info on ELection: Three open City Council seats and three possible ballot propositions could make up the spring 2018 elections in Tempe. The ballots are taking shape and here’s what you should know right now.
The Primary Election is March 13 and the General Election is May 15. This is the first Tempe election that will be Ballot by Mail, which means that every registered voter will get a ballot in the mail and ballots can be cast either by mail or at either of two ballot centers in Tempe. Voters can also drop off their voted ballots at the ballot centers. Any information about the election, from voter registration to finding the results, can be found at or by calling 480-350-4311.

(D) Jennifer Adams for Tempe City Council,
(D) Genevieve Vega For Tempe City Council.
(D) Patrick Morales for Tempe City Council,

MESA CITY COUNCIL: Special Election
5 candidates vie to fill Mesa City Council spot after Winkle ousted:
Information on the candidates below:

(D) Pablo Felix
(D) Francisco Heredia,
(D) Frank Mizner
(D) Theresa Ratti
(D) Christian Stumpf,
(D) Jen Duff,

Upcoming Elections
The next election will be held in November, 2018.
Districts 3 and 4 will be up for election along with one At-Large member position.
For information on the election process for Maricopa County, check out the Maricopa County Recorder’s website: Candidate/Campaign Information Center: Maricopa County
Governing Board Information
District 3

District 4
Stan Arterberry,
Ms. Jean McGrath, Incumbent

2 Positions are up for election in 2018
Dr. Stuart

Voter Registration and Ballot