Cafe 25

One of the most enjoyable and powerful parts of being involved with our local Legislative District is we get to spend quality time getting to know the people we're voting for on our ballots. Not just what office they're running for, or why that office matters, or why they are qualified for that office (though we get to know those things to) - but we also have a chance to just get a feel for the candidates as individuals, along with special guests.

We also get to enjoy time together as an LD!

There isn't a better opportunity in LD25 to do exactly that than in our Tuesday morning Cafe 25 virtual meetups from 8AM to 9AM. There's no agenda, no presentations, nothing formal at all - you don't even need to drink coffee if you don't want to! We just host a different candidate or special guest every week, and we get to know them.

August 18, 2020 at 8:00am - 9am