About Us

The future is in our hands!

Who we are: We are Arizona's Legislative District 25 Democrats. We are a group of passionate citizens who have come together to do our part to save American democracy. We are your neighbors, your friends, your coworkers. We are just like you. We are all volunteers who work to recruit and elect Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. It’s our belief that if America is to be saved, she’ll be saved by citizens like us, rising up to make our voices heard. Please join us in this fight!

What we’re fighting for:

  • Better healthcare
  • Better, safer schools  
  • Climate change strategies that meet the moment
  • Humane immigration policies
  • Equal rights for all people 
  • Opportunity for all of our children 
  • Free and fair elections

We engage in a variety of activities to accomplish our goals, like knocking on doors (safely) and calling our neighbors. We have social events (virtually for the time being), and much work to do to ensure change in our district. There’s a job for everyone who wants to be involved. Not only do we want you to join us, we need you to join us. If you believe America is in real trouble, contact us today, and join this fight. We need you! Join us and we’ll CONTINUE TO FLIP AZ BLUE!

Meet our Executive Board!

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