Mad about Mass Shootings

Mad about Mass Shootings

Feeling helpless? Pick up your phone. Just call a few. It'll make you feel better. Top NRA donation recipients are listed below.

Just call and say "I understand Sen. McCain has accepted $7.7 million from the NRA. I don't know how many thoughts and prayers that buys but I hope he feels good about it. We're watching. Have a GREAT day." And hang up. Dial the next number and repeat.

Trust me. You'll feel better and they DO keep track of calls.

John McCain-R/AZ $7.7mil (202) 224-2235
Richard Burr-R/NC $6.9m (202) 224-3154
Roy Blunt-R/MT $4.5mil (202) 224-5721
Thom Tillis- R/NC $4.4mil (202) 224-6342
Cory Gardner-R/CO $3.9mil CO (202) 224-5941
Marco Rubio-R/FL $3.3mil (202) 224-3041
Joni Ernst-R/IA $3.1mil (202) 224-3254
Rob Portman-R/OH $3mil (202) 224-3353
Todd Young- R/IN $2.9mil (202) 224-5623
Bill Cassidy-R/LA $2.9mil (202) 224-5824

French Hill-R/AR $1.1mil (202) 225-4076
Ken Buck- R/CO $800k (202) 225-4676
Mike Simpson-R/ID $385k (202) 225-5531
Greg Gianforte-R/MT $334k (202) 225-3211
Don Young-R/AK $246k (202) 225-5765
Lloyd Smucker-R/PA $222k (202) 225-2411
Bruce Poliquin-R/MA $201k (202) 225-6306
Pete Sessions-R/TX $158k (202) 225-2231
Barbara Comstock-R/VA $137k (202) 225-5136
(from NYT)

By Sue Castner